Injury Prevention | Human Performance

A scientific-based approach for First Responders and Military personnel.

Prepare for the Line of Duty. Prevent Occupational Injury. Optimize Functional Performance.

We use the concept of “Prehabilitation” to prevent occupational injury while optimizing functional performance.

the problem

Police, Fire, EMS, & Military Personnel face a high risk for occupational injury. Rising healthcare costs result in a greater need for preventive health.

the solution

Our injury prevention programs are delivered digitally through our online platform and customized to best fit your needs.

Our system delivers customized injury prevention programming to your fingertips through our datadriven platform

Movement Assessment

Our 3D Movement Assessment allows us to accurately capture and analyze human movement. We look for deficits related to mobility, stability, range of motion, and posture.

Individualized Prehabilitation

Our customized Prehab programs provide targeted interventions using research-based methodology. We use mobility, stability, and corrective exercises to prepare personnel for the Line of Duty.

Performance Tracking

Our data-driven platform allows users to track valuable performance metrics each time a workout is logged. Data points help identify trends and maintain accountability.


“Leading type of Injury received during fire ground operations was sprain, strain, or muscular pain (52.7%).” – U.S. Firefighter Injuries 2015 Report


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Metis Tactical Injury Prevention + Performance Program

Mobility, stability, and proper motor control should be the foundation of any functional tactical fitness training program. We are changing the way Firefighters, Police Officers and Military personnel prepare for the line of duty. With so many unsafe and reckless “Tactical fitness programs” offered to tactical athletes, we are making it our mission for our nations heroes to train safely, prevent injuries, and have a long and successful career as a first responder.


“The Metis Tactical initial assessment was a big eye-opener to me, it’s helped me pinpoint all the places that I need to focus to improve flexibility and become stronger. The initial program that you have set up for me to use when starting a work-out regiment has been fantastic as well. I really think the Metis Tactical app we installed on my cell phone helps make a huge difference, especially the videos that explain how to do each individual exercise and movement to ensure I do them correctly. The app is basically like having a trainer in my pocket. I know the app also keeps you posted as to my progress, I appreciate you checking up on me. I look forward to my next set of work-outs and making improvements in my life. THANK YOU!!!”

District Chief Shawn Babendure

“Having the availability to have a prehabilitation program catered directly to your individual needs is very helpful. As for the overall quality I would rate it 10 of 10. Your team worked hand in hand with me and helped me each step of the way whether it was helping me navigate the app, or just answering questions on the dynamic stretches/warmup. I would like to continue being able to use you and your team as a resource to keep myself physically ready for the demands of this job. I only see benefits from this program, if used like it’s designed I think that it would benefit not only individuals but the department as a whole.”

FF Brent Silvey

“The program has been an overall improvement in flexibility and movement. This would drastically improve the firefighters who currently avoid the gym and personal responsibility to improve themselves. The app given to us by Metis Tactical helps maintain personal accountability as well as accountability of our fellow firefighters. Very good program overall.”

A/O Josh Posey

Spring Fire Department

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